Our goal is to develop and manufacture quality products in partnership and cooperation with Safety, Health, and the Environment (SHE) requirements.


GOC is fully supported by Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services Safety, Health, and the Environment (SHE) department and continuously strives to supply a product with quality fully in accordance with the demands of the customer and to be a reliable and consistent supplier of our services.

Because sustainable development is the only way to secure the future of our company we must, in all our activities, take into consideration the possible impact on our health and safety. It is also our duty to manufacture our products in harmony with the environment and especially our immediate neighborhood.

Our Vision

  • Complying to all legal regulations
  • Guaranteed continuous safe and healthy working conditions:
    • for our own staff
    • for third parties
  • Conducting our processes in an environmentally conscientious way:
    • by the choice of raw materials
    • by a correct waste management
    • by applying the best available techniques
  • Complying to high quality standards right first time
  • Embedding operational excellence in everything we do
  • Valuing good corporate governance

SHE Objectives

Considering the external and internal environment, as well as the scale of impact that GOC could potentially impose on the environment, our most important environmental objectives are focused on:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas.
    GOC is committed developing an energy use and reduction plan based on audits from independent energy experts to applying those finding to reduce energy use reduction using best available technology.

    We are committed to maintain and further develop the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and ISO 55000 certification practices.

  • Conservation of water resources.
    Groundwater and potable water are considered as a valuable natural resource, which will suffer shortages in several parts of the world. Because of this public interest and social importance GOC focuses on efficient water use.

    We are committed to keep water use as efficient as possible by preventing increase of specific water use and search for reduction opportunities when investing in new equipment.

  • Waste prevention and efficient material use.
    Pharmaceutical production processes require an extremely high quality standard and have very strict limitations on internal reuse of materials. For GOC, sustainable production means preventing waste by applying the most efficient high-yield processes and maximal external re-use of waste materials.

    Only inert materials which have no other possible use are allowed to go to waste deposit. About 60% of the waste solvents, our main waste stream, are used as a new raw material in industry processes. The remaining part is incinerated with energy recovery. Our objective is to maintain these high recycling and re-use percentages.

Our Commitment

From Management:

  • To continuously endeavor to guarantee safe and health working conditions for our staff and third parties.
  • To strive to comply with all legal regulations related to safety, health and the environment.
  • To conduct our processes in an environmentally conscientious way including consideration of
    the choice of starting materials, process aides, process chemistries, process efficiencies and waste generation.
  • To realize this by the investigation and application of the best available technology.

We strive to continuously improve our performance in the respect of safety, health and environment. For this purpose, targets are established and reviewed annually. These targets are determined by the management taking into consideration not only the vision of our staff and of the environment but also of our customers, the government and the group policies of Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Key Points

  • Health – Limit the exposure to hazardous substances in such a way that our staff members will not be affected now or later.
  • Control of chemical processes – Take all necessary precautions for chemical processes to avoid serious incidents.
  • Environmental care – To develop and maintain an environmental care system which corresponds to internationally accepted and recognized standards.
  • Incidents – Continuously reduce risks in order to further minimize the frequency and seriousness of work accidents.
  • Air emissions – To minimize the emissions to comply with the applicable standards under all circumstances.
  • Water – To limit water consumption and to limit the wastewater outfall to comply with the applicable standards under all circumstances.
  • Energy consumption – Efficient production and good control of our installations.

Our Responsibility

This policy is distributed across our whole organization and everybody is requested comply. Responsibilities will be defined to realize these targets, and management will do whatever necessary to provide the means and to ensure necessary follow-up.

This policy is available to the public, upon request.